Bel Marmo

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Bel Marmo Finish is a unique blend of marble dust, marble aggregate, and slaked aged lime, designed to achieve a classic Marmorino matte finish with either a smooth or distress texture. Inherently water-resistant and durable, Bel Marmo can be used on a variety of exterior and interior surfaces to create a unique and long lasting finish.

Bel Marmo is available in 34 standard colors and a white, tintable base.  Valentino Colorants can be used to create colors in the tintable base and also to adjust the standard colors.

Basic Uses

Bel Marmo can be applied over properly prepared interior or exterior surfaces including: gypsum sheathing, plaster, stucco, brown-coat, cementitious base coats, concrete, masonry, paint, and other approved substrates.

Product Data Sheet | SDS | Product Application Video | Standard Colors